Globetrotter: Dean and Dan Caten

Portrait of Dean and Dan Caten of Dsquared2 in Mykonos

Interview: Haris Stavridis // Photos: Dsquared2 - Gramercy Park Hotel

We consider ourselves as adventurous travellers.

Try and make use of the VIP concierge service provided by Air Canada, Lufthansa, Emirates, and British Airways, they can make your travel experiences so much better.

Gramercy Park Hotel

When it comes to luggage, our favourite brand is Dsquared2 because we get a good discount. [laughs]

Our ideal co-passenger would probably be Tom Hardy.

The best way to deal with jet lag is to try and sleep on the airplane. Also, go swimming as soon as you land. Water assists jet lag fatigue.

Hotel Belvedere in Mykonos is one of our favourites in the world, because there’s always something nice to see there.

Dsquared2 leather bag

We also love Chateau Marmont in Los Angeles, Fasano in Rio de Janeiro, Post Ranch Inn in Big Sur, and Mercer Hotel in New York. We like them because they have nice people, a relaxed atmosphere, chic décor and 24h room service, which is very important.

We never want to see Dusseldorf again, the name says a lot.

Gramercy Park Hotel room

The most overrated destination in the world is Miami and the most underrated is Vietnam.

We always shop till we drop when we visit Tokyo. It's very hard not to with all the cool shops that it offers.

If we were to run your own hotel, it would definitely be a private island somewhere in the Far East.

Gramercy Park exterior

As hotel guests, we are rather hard to please. If we had to rate ourselves from one to ten, we'd say ten!

Returning to the bar in Gramercy Park Hotel in New York City is something we always look forward to.

The most breath-taking scenery that we can recall is when we landed with a private helicopter on a completely desolate beach called White Heaven, in Australia.

Our best travel tip? Don’t pack heavy. Not checking in bags means that you can shop all you want!

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