Flashback with Savannah Miller

Portrait of fashion designer Savannah Miller

Photo: Courtesy of Twenty8Twelve

Which scent takes you back to childhood?

My mother's scent, “Gardenia Passion” by Anique Goutal.

What kind of posters did you have in your room as a teenager?

I was obsessed with Kurt Cobain.

Did you have any childhood heroes?

I loved Jimmy Savile. He did a great show called “Jim'll fix it,” where kids would go on the show and he would make their dreams come true. It was like real live magic!

What were your 'œfetishes'€ while being a teen?

I was very into the psy-trance rave scene, so I wore a lot of really ugly fluo clothes!

Please describe your first kiss.

It was like being thrown into a washing machine!

Which was the first album you bought?

Michael Jackson's greatest hits.

Do you have any regrets looking back?


Which was your first book?

The “Velveteen Rabbit” by Margery Williams with illustrations by William Nicholson.

What irritated you the most when you were a teenager?

Not being at home. I went to boarding school and it was very frustrating. We were only let out every three weeks, which I hated.

How do you describe your style back then?

Grungy. I wore a lot of floor-length jersey skirts and Nirvana t-shirts.

What kind of memories do you have from your summer holidays?

Long, lazy days in beautiful Europe. I remember walking through markets with my mum in Provence and fishing in Ibiza with my dad. Perfection.

How did you see the world?

As a beautiful place waiting to be explored.

What were your favourite songs from your teenage years?

“Jump for my love” by the Pointer Sisters.

How did you imagine yourself as an adult?

As a mother.

What did you perceive as impossible?

Nothing! Our parents instilled a really strong work ethic in both of us and taught us that anything is possible if you work hard enough.

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