Globetrotter: Yossi Eliyahoo

Portrait of Yossi Eliyahoo

Interview: Haris Stavridis // Portrait: Courtesy // Photos: Sir Joan Ibiza // Chiltern Firehouse // SLS Beverly Hills

I am a very organised person in general, so when it comes to travel everything needs to be pre-booked: hotels, restaurants, bars, nothing is left to chance. If you want to get to the right places, you definitely need to plan ahead. Always.

Sir Joan Ibiza

When I am about to visit a new destination, I try to talk to city insiders who can direct me accordingly. This helps me to avoid experiencing a city from a tourist's point of view.

I've probably got about twenty Rimowa bags in all available sizes and colours. It's my brand of choice as I love their look and the materials they use — they are very comfortable. I usually have them pre-packed with the things I need; when you travel four times a week, being focused and efficient makes your life easier.

My solution to jet lag is to adapt to the rhythm of the place I am visiting, which usually means no sleep when I land. For example, if I go to New York, I will continue doing what I am supposed to be doing at that time of the day and only go to bed when the night falls.

Sir Joan Ibiza

There are high and low points in every city, so it's hard to say if a destination is overrated. To me, every city has its own character and charm. Amsterdam for example seems to be perceived in the wrong way but when you get to explore it with a local person you can instantly see that it's quite different from what most people think about it.

Tel Aviv is probably the most underrated destination. People don't know how amazing it is and how innovative it has become in regards to hospitality and food — especially in terms of restaurant concepts. It really is a city that's alive twenty four hours a day.

Chiltern Firehouse

Chiltern Firehouse in London is one of my favourite hotels. It's very small, boutique-y, and feels very exclusive; it’s a bit like having your own apartment in Mayfair. I also love the bar there and its incredible ambience. My other favourite small and intimate hotel is Sir Joan in Ibiza.

Another hotel on my top list is SLS Beverly Hills, designed by Philippe Starck. The design is contemporary and it houses one of my most favourite restaurants in the world there called Bazaar by the chef José Andrés. I also love the Edition Hotel in London, the service there is impeccable — from the bellboy to the concierge, everything is top.

The Crosby in New York, which is part of the Firmdale group, is also a hotel I adore. It's incredible. Very modern English style but with an old school kind of vibe too.

Chiltern Firehouse temple

I love shopping when I am in London. Selfridges is a classic destination, going to Carnaby Street for walks is always lovely. My go-to brand whenever I am in London is All Saints.

As a hotel guest I would say that I am not very demanding. But I really dislike it when I feel that I don't get the service that I expect or there's no value for what I am paying. When you are in a five star hotel it should act like it, with the proper service being the most important thing. It can really make or break one's experience and that's one of the reasons I like the Soho House group, the service is always great there. They make you feel unique and ultimately that's what you want to feel when you are traveling somewhere. If I am not happy in a place I will not make a scene, but I will never go back.

SLS Beverly Hills temple

I went to New Zealand for three weeks and I was instantly impressed by the variety of the scenery and how dramatic the views are everywhere. The water, the mountains, the nature there is absolutely stunning.

If I were to create my own hotel, it would be very small, very exclusive, and definitely with a party vibe. Imagine a high end hotel with great attention to the tiniest details. I would not want it to feel corporate at all. And it would definitely be in London.

SLS Beverly Hills temple

I always look forward to returning to Los Angeles and Barcelona, but where I feel at home now is Amsterdam and London.

My best advice to travellers out there is to plan your trip well in advance and try to find the best insiders there to help you with everything you need.

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