Globetrotter: Anya Hindmarch

Portrait of fashion designer Anya Hindmarch

Interview: Haris Stavridis // Portrait: Simon Upton // Additional photos:

I always shop till I drop in Tokyo. Tokyu Hands is full of perfect gifts for my children. There are endless toys and gadgets that even I can't resist. Also, Toraya is simply stunning. It has the most exquisite candies that are true works of art. My favourite ones are the Namagashi; they are small confectioneries, beautifully made that resemble flowers.

Tokyo shopping street

One of my favourite hotel in the world is the China Club in Beijing, which belongs to my friend, David Tang. It is a 400-year old palace that was originally built for Emperor Kangxi's twenty-fourth son. There are only eight guest rooms, all furnished with Ming and Qing antiques.

I also love the Grand Hotel du Cap-Ferrat. It has a magnificent salt-water pool, along with an amazing swimming teacher that has been there since the David Niven days. He is a part of its history, and I find it great that he teaches children swimming.

I enjoy travelling with my family, as I don't get to see them as much as I want at home. So they would be my ideal co-passengers.

Anya Hindmarch trolley bag

To deal with jet lag, drink lots of water, and in order to be able to relax when flying, make a smart travel kit. Mine has lavender oil to help me sleep, aspirins, a Sisley hydrating cream, and Aesop's Ginger Flight Therapy. I put the Aesop's Ginger Flight Therapy in my pulse points, which helps me to be calm. Last but not least, a big glass of white wine can do wonders!

When packing, I always use our Anya Hindmarch Loose Pocket purses to tidy up my money; I use one for exchange currency, and one for the receipts of each city that I visit. This makes my life much easier when I return home.

Paloma Beach

I travel with luggage that I design for our collections. I either use a holdall or a trolley in light grey faux croc leather. I am obsessed with labels and being organised, so I created a line of wash bags to help me organise everything in my life: from lotions (Lotions & Potions) to Nails. It's all these little things that keep us girls happy!

I've never had a negative travel experience, but this has to do with the fact that there is always something fun or interesting to do. I guess I would never visit the Barbados again — it's not my cup of tea.

I think that 'home' is a very underrated destination. Each year, we spend a week in a house in the southeast of Cornwall. Staying in England is less stressful than flying abroad, and our time there is always relaxing.

My own hotel would be small, cozy, and welcoming. I prefer something with personality and character, rather than anything fancy.

I enjoy relaxing and reading all the books that I didn’t have time for when I was at home, but I also love discovering new things. To me, traveling means experiencing things that are unknown.

Tokyo park

I'd like to believe that I am fairly easy as a hotel guest. However, I have been fortunate enough and rarely had any disastrous experiences.

I always look forward to returning to Paloma Beach in Cap Ferrat for its delicious sea bass.

Marrakech probably has the most breathtaking scenery that I can think of. It really feels like traveling back in time.

Marrakach souk

I adored Symi when we sailed around Greece a few years ago. It's the most amazing island with beautiful architecture. It’s charming and so romantic.

Try to make the best out of the time you have while traveling, since no one is bothering you. Organise your to-do list, your next holidays, write a letter, and so on.

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