My Style: Eric Rutherford

Portrait of Eric Rutherford

Portrait: Courtesy of Eric Rutherford

Which new designers do you follow and why?

I really like Tim Coppens and the boys from Baja East. Tim is pushing menswear into the present and also maintaining proper fit to a man's body. On the other hand, John and Scott at Baja East are playing with luxurious fabrics and shapes that are sophisticated, fun and just plain wonderful to wear.

Please describe your style in three words.

Sophisticated, classic, and playful.

What is the biggest mistake one can make when getting dressed?

Being lazy.

Do you believe in role models?

Whole-heartedly, yes!

What are your favourite fabrics?

Cotton and cashmere.

Are there any style combinations that you object to?

Not really, provided that it has been executed well.

Which city has the best-dressed men?


Would you say that you are conservative or bold?


What are the rules in the way you dress?

Dressing is in the details. Dress for the occasion. Always make an effort. Oh... and have fun.

Celebrities and style...

Don't always make great fashion leaders.

Name one garment/accessory that you can never have enough of?

At the moment, my Stan Smith classics and a Citizens for Humanity faded denim jacket that feels like butter and is perfect for summer.

A man should always look like…

His age (and that he cares).

Who taught you what you know about style?

Myself. Cary Grant.

How do you select your clothing every morning?

I consider three things: my schedule, my mood, and the weather.

What is your biggest regret?

My Flock of Seagulls haircut.

The three essential things a man should know about style are…

The proper fit of clothes, grooming and having confidence.

Do you have any shopping rituals?

It depends on whether I need a specific piece or just want to get lost amongst all the amazing creativity of designers.

We will never see you wearing...

Drop crotch pants.

The most stylish person you have ever seen...

Sidney Poitier.

What is the first thing you notice on a man?

His smile.

The one image that defined your approach to style...

David Gandy in a double-breasted suit.

The only article of clothing that a man needs to pay close attention to is…

All of them.

What are the most treasured items in your wardrobe?

My vintage caramel Gucci loafers, Citizens of Humanity jackets, and black Common Project sneakers. I love them all.

Is comfort an enemy of style?

No. Much of a man's comfort stems from his own level of confidence in what he wears.

Which fashion house never fails to impress you?

Honestly, J.Crew. They continue to impress by constantly evolving, yet also keeping those essentials in stock.

Who would you like to recommend for My Style?

Beau Crangi of Giles and Brother.

The best words of advice you have ever heard?

Less is more. Be your best self. They will always remember how you made them feel.

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