Chiara Ferragni: Italy's finest

Fashion blogger Chiara Ferragni

Interview: Eleonora Kanaki // Photos: Andrew Arthur

You are a successful blogger worldwide, a student, you have your own shoe brand and you have collaborated with brands such as Christian Dior, while still being too young. How do you manage all this pressure?

I'm about to graduate in international law in Milan and I also have my shoe line that is doing great, as I feel all my shoes are like my babies. I had and I am having a lot of very cool projects going on. There are definitely times when I feel tired but then I think of myself three years ago, when I was totally dreaming about the life I'm living right now, so I smile and everything is more than fine.

Fashion blogger Chiara Ferragni

How did you come up with the idea of Blonde Salad? What got you into fashion blogging?

I've always been into fashion ever since I was a little girl. I guess I got involved because of my mother, the woman I love the most. The idea of blogging came to me in October of 2009. I used to upload pictures of my life, my friends and my outfits in social networks such as LookBook or Flickr. I really liked doing that, but I wanted something completely mine. And that's how The Blonde Salad was born.

Are blogs the "next big thing" in the business of fashion?

Blogs and bloggers are very important in the fashion business because I think they are the connecting link between brands and the consumer. In this era where the internet is the key to a lot of things in our lives (and it will be like this even more so), blogs are becoming more and more important.

Are there any others blogs that you like and follow?

I follow some blogs, most of which belong to some of my good friends. I think each of us is unique.

How many people are working for your blog?

My team is composed of six people. I have the best team ever, I couldn't do what I am doing without them. Everyone is very talented and professional — we are a fantastic team.

How do you describe your personal style?

That's a tough question. My style is a mix of my feelings and everything that surrounds me: friends, museums, songs, the cities I'm visiting, movies. It's something very personal.

You post different outfits to your blog daily. How do you select them?

I always decide what to wear after I have breakfast. My latest purchases, a dream, a song I may be listening to on the radio can define the outfit of the day.

Chiara Ferragni portrait

Do you have any fashion icons?

I get inspiration from a lot of things such as songs, feelings, and the people I meet. I really like Kate Moss, but then again who doesn't?

Can you tell us about your dreams?

My dream is what I'm doing right now. I would just like to do more, like more campaigns, photo shoots, videos, travel projects, and so on.

Do you have a motto?

Share the love. Always.

Which are your favourite fashion houses?

Balenciaga, Céline, Isabel Marant.

And what about your favourite design object?

That would be Arne Jacobsen's Egg chair.

To what extent do our outfits affect what people think about us?

Although I think an outfit is important, I never judge someone I don't know based on the way they look. I don't like superficial people and a person is not only made of the clothes they are wearing.

Chiara Ferragni wearing a blue dress

Could you tell us about your everyday life? You seem to be traveling constantly, how difficult is that for you?

My life is exactly the way you see it through my social networks, my videos or pictures. I feel very lucky and blessed because I have the opportunity to travel all over the world and that is something I really love.

What are your greatest passions?

Traveling and love, without a doubt!

Have you decided on your next destination?

Either Morocco or Bali.

What should one's travel essentials be?

Your dreams and passion. And never travel without your smile and your toothbrush.

And finally, what is the secret behind the success of your blog?

The following motto: "Always be yourself, no matter what."


This interview has been published in Glow Magazine.

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